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Staycation Recap

      Thanksgiving week staycation was a success! Even though we couldn't see family and there were limits due to the pandemic, it felt like a break from routine and like an actual vacation.     I am so thankful to be a teacher. It is a job that gives me challenge, purpose, and opportunities for continued growth and connection. I am also grateful that the built-in breaks in the school calendar give me little pockets of stay at home parenting throughout the year. I am especially thankful that this week off coincided with what felt like an explosion of language development for Avi this week. Lots of new words like "up,"  "yes," "tita," (Aunt in tagalog for my friend who celebrated the holiday with us), "uh-oh" and "more." We also had a zoom get together of friends from my teacher graduate program, and it was so fun to reconnect with people and see how far we'd come since we all began teaching (eight years ago now!).       Vacation

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