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Creativity and Change

Like most of us, I'm experiencing a lot of uncertainty about what this school year will be like. I've never taught in a hybrid model before, and I'm trying to be flexible in thinking through how to design my classroom for this format and aware that plans could change.I'm finding my brain turning to what ifs and ruminating, but one thing that's been really helpful is turning my attention towards creating something. I'm really grateful that I got to take so many awesome professional development classes this summer, and one that I've been coming back to a lot is the book study of Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom by Amy Burvell and Dan Ryder (see the above quote). One key idea of the book is that creativity is for everyone. I definitely have had a boxed up definition of creativity as solely artistic talent. The idea that "creativity is a birthright," stuck in my mind and made me broaden my ideas of creativity. When I found my brain …

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